Here are all the songs from her album plus a few interviews etc... enjoy!

Fiona Apple Interview: Interview with Fiona from KCRW . . . This is a 43 minute Interview, if you don't want to listen to it all straight through I strongly recommend browsing! Very cool Interview

Fiona Apple KCRW: This is an interview / concert with Fiona!! Its awesome!! Another KCRW . . . Find out about her songs! (Pale September was written as a . . . find out!!)

Fiona Apple Merry Christmas: She says, "Hey, this is Fiona Apple wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hannukah" (Wave)

Fiona Apple save the turkeys!: Fiona Apple's Thanksgiving speech! (about saving the turkeys..Wave)

Sleep To Dream30sec WAV 662k Real Audio 28.8
Sullen Girl30sec WAV 662kReal Audio 28.8
Shadowboxer30sec WAV 662k Real Audio 28.8
Criminal30sec WAV 662k Real Audio 28.8
Slow Like Honey30sec WAV 662k Real Audio 28.8
The First Taste30sec WAV 662k Real Audio 28.8
Never Is A Promise 30sec WAV 662k Real Audio 28.8
The Child Is Gone30sec WAV 860k Real Audio 28.8
Pale September30sec WAV 662k Real Audio 28.8
Carrion30sec WAV 662k Real Audio 28.8
Carrion LiveFull WAV 3.7MB Real Audio 28.8

From South Park! Conversation between Officer Barbrady and Barbara Streisand.
.wav or .ra

From the "Dose Yourself" bootleg. .wav or .ra

Sessions @ West 54th!
The Strength To Walk Away
Advice from Fiona.wav Real Audio
Sleep To Dream.wavReal Audio
Shadowboxer.wav Real Audio
Criminal.wav Real Audio
Never Is a Promise Speech.wav Real Audio
Never is a Promise.wav Real Audio