First of all, thanks for even coming... now.. a little about the creator of this Fiona Apple website.

Name : Mark Coniam ("cone - e - am" ... not "con eye am")

Age : 14... I will be 15 in July.. the 14th to be exact

Music : Fiona Apple (obviously) Tori Amos, Ben Folds Five, Bjork, Sarah McLaughlan, Hooverphonic, a few others but basically anything with a piano . . .

Email address : . . . email me if you think there are any bands I should check out!

Hobbies : Working on my webpage, music, books, collecting anything with Fiona in it.. I have found myself losing more and more money since I started listening to Fiona! =)

Pets : A Kitty Kitty named "Hobbes"
Click to see a pictuire of him with my sister, Brooke! Hobbes

I go to Tarpon High I will be in 10th grade after the summer is over!! Yay!

That's basically all there is to me... email me if you wanna talk..


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