Letter from Fiona Apple

A Message from Fiona Apple
Hi you guys, O.K., Iıve never gone on the internet before,but I know a lot of you out there bought tickets to a couple of shows I ended up canceling, and I feel really bad about that, so I want to explain. If any of you were at the ParkWest show in Chicago, or if you visit these sites a lot, then you probably know that Iıve been sick, and thatıs why I canceled. But I just have to tell you that the drag and discomfort in my body that came from being sick came nowhere near the frustration and shame that came from letting you guys down. Seriously, it felt like forgetting your motherıs birthday, only about a thousand times over. See, I'm not trying to kiss ass here, but I really can't even see you guys as "fans". It's as though I've introduced myself to you through my music, and you have, through your acceptance, understanding, and enthusiastic sensitivity, declared yourselves my friends. (me and the guys were just talking about that tonight, on the bus-how cool and sweet everyone who comes to see us seems to be) So, canceling those shows felt like throwing a party, inviting all my friends over, and then simply not answering the door. And I'm so sorry for that. I just wanted to tell you. I probably won't be going on the internet too often, because, honestly, it makes me nervous --if I let all the good things you write about me become too important to my self value,then one day, I'll read something bad, and it will destroy me...You know?(besides, I don't have a computer this is Larry's, my drummer.) Anyway,that doesn't mean that I'll never communicate on this thing, or that I don't absolutely LOVE that these sites do exist, I just have to get up a little more confidence from within, before I can handle it. But please know this: Your smiles and your singing faces; the energy you give and just the knowledge that you exist and understand, makes all this chaos worth my while. YOU GUYS KEEP ME GOING.I reeeeaaaaally mean that. Know it.O.K.?
O.K.-Iıll stop gushing now. Be what you are,and be proud. I love you. Fuckin A, you guys ROCK!!!!! Bye-Bye, now.


P.S. Hi Juan!
P.S.2 I got your messages,Brett-thank you.

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