Name : Johnson, Jenn Johnson :o)

D.O.B. : 10/29..feel free to send me a present

Favorite Fiona Song : how could i possibly pick a fave, i love em all!!

What makes you an FFF? : three words :I-LOVE-FI !

Favorite part of Fiona (not nessecerily geographically) : WOAH! though question...i would say her voice but without her mind those beautiful words couldn't come out. but really my favorite part of her is her whole being. she gives me so much

Fiona Concerts you have been to : *sniff sniff* none!! i'm so sad about it too, i missed her by a fucking day at Lilith last year!

Fiona shows etc you missed and would like to obtain : SESSIONS AT WEST 54th!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, some one hook me up

How excited are you for OKerupt?! lol : i'm not excited at all but i'm excited for the new spice girls and hanson albums!! *LoL* HELL YEAH I"M EXCITED

Other music you like : in no particular order: tori amos, sarah mclachlan, erykah badu, smashing pumpkins, alanis morrisette, poe, ben folds five, blink 182, marcy playground, matchbox 20, and some more that i'm too lazy to name right now

Other celebrities you'd like to meet : anyone that knows me knows its..ROB THOMAS!! he's is soo beautiful and so amazing. only the man of my dreams

One thing you really hate: POP MUSIC!! *and the fact they NEVER have Fi on MTV*

One thing you really love: GOOD music. *and writting poetry*

What you wanna be when you grow up : animal rights activist, poet,singer-songwriter, unpolictially correct, belly button peirced chick....and i wanna stay the good person i am

Quality you most like in yourself : my ability to observe the world and know what the fuck is goin on and to know how i am

What woulld yuo change about yourself? If anything? : the fact that sometimes i don't speak up enough

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