Biography and News of the sweetest Apple in the apple pie :)

Full Name : Fiona Apple Maggart McAfee

Date of Birth : September 13, 1977

Age 7 or 8 : Fiona performs a song she wrote called "The Velvet Waltz" at a piano recital

Age 8 : Fiona's father and friends were talking about all the bad things that had happened to them when Fiona said, "That's not fair! Nothing bad has ever happened to me!"

Age 12 (November 25, 1989) : It happened . . . The day before Thanksgiving, Fiona was raped in the corridor outside her apartment. For the whole story click Tragedy

Age 18 : Fiona gives her friend a demo tape of her singing. The friend passes it on to her father who gives it to Andy Slater. Fiona has a record deal!!

Age 20 : Fiona wins the award for Best New Artist at the MTV Music Video Awards. For a movie of her famous speech, click Speech


Fiona Apple posters can be found at your local Borders when you pick up a copy of Tidal! It is from the video "Sleep to Dream"

May 2, 1998 ~ Fiona donated two autographed items (a poster and a copy of her debut album Tidal) to benefit research for the fight against  leukemia, cancer and AIDS

May 16, 1998 ~ Fiona performs at the Roseland

May 16, 1998 ~ Fiona can be found in three different sections of Teen People. Click the pictures for larger images.

May 26, 1998 ~ Music Sheets now in stores!! Click Here To purchase it!

May 28, 1998 ~ Fiona quotes in Teen People
Question : What helps you beat the heat?
Answer : An Air Conditioner

June 6, 1998 ~ Fiona Apple is in several magazines this month, including Jump, Teen, Twist, Q, and Seventeen.

The recent Q Magazine, which is banned from many stores nationwide due to its "risky" cover with Tori Amos, may be found in Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Tower stores.

June 10, 1998 ~ According to the episode of ABC In Concert featuring Fiona Apple and Jamiroquai will be rerunning on September 11th.

In other news, the 15th Annual MTV Video Music Awards will be broadcast live from the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on Thursday, September 10, 1998. Hopefully Fiona will be nominated for some awards.

June 10, 1998 ~ Fiona's video Criminal, directed by Mark Romanek is up for Sexiest Video on VH1! Be sure to vote for it! Click here to vote!

July 7, 1998 ~ Fiona is up againest Blue's Traveler John Popper in MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch! Come back after the fight for "Tidalbits" about the fight! *Also* Fiona's video for "Criminal" was number 9 on the Sexrated Countdown on Independence Day!

July 9, 1998 ~ Fiona appears in the new Teen People two times. One picture and one quote. The quote is as follows,

"I spent a lot of time by myself, and I think that teaches you a lot more about relationships than being with someone all the time."

July 27, 1998 ~ Sadly, Fiona did not win Sexiest video on VH1. The award went to Shania Twain for her song, "Still The One"

July 27, 1998 ~ Date for Deathmatch is set! July 30, 1998! Be sure to tune in to see Fiona win this one!

July 27, 1998 ~ Fiona is up for two awards for the 1998 Video Music Awards! 1. Best Female Video - Criminal (directed by Mark Romanek) 2. Best Cinematography in a Video We all know who will win =c )

July 27, 1998 ~ Fiona appears in the new Lilith Fair book! One picture and a few quotes. Pick it up in stores!!

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